Microsoft Dynamics wanted to reach enterprise sales leaders, an audience largely made up of highly-driven competitors with a strong interest in sport. We built the campaign on a foundation of CSO Insights research to help sales leaders improve sales process and team performance, then built out a library of sport-driven brand photography and video to visualize the concept of flow between human and machine. The resulting global campaign distributed high-value content across the buyer journey to drive Marketing Qualified Leads.

narrative fuel

Mining Atomic Stories

When you’re building a global campaign, there’s no better source for inspiration than your audience and experts who can influence their buying decisions. Working with sales leaders and Microsoft Dynamics customers, we uncovered what made them tick, and what kept them up at night. Then, we combined the power of their atomic stories with data driven insights to shape the narrative and fuel breakthrough creative.

Foundational Content


We worked with CSO Insights to create a high-value eBook packed with data-driven guidance and a maturity model focused on helping our audience increase sales team performance by elevating their sales relationships and process. Then we used additional insights from this research to create surround content that would drive demand for the eBook.



We led strategy, creative, and content creation for 50+ connected assets including three sites, a blog series, the core eBook, a webcast on sales gamification, a display, an infographic, and a series of pre-roll videos—including a women’s crew video that generated over 1.2 million views. These were delivered through a closed-loop journey that we could then measure and optimize at every step.