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Captivate B2B buyers, earn their trust, and unite the buying committee around an irresistible narrative: a vision of tomorrow where they win with you.

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“Chris and his team helped us craft a powerful strategic narrative that captured the spirit of the millions of everyday entrepreneurs that GoDaddy serves.”

Karen Tillman
Chief Communications Officer, GoDaddy
Strategic Narrative

See the unseen Connections

We don’t create narratives, we discern them. We’ll help you connect with your target audience by unearthing the cultural forces and authentic moments that can fuel connection with your brand. Then we shape this raw but powerful material into a strategic narrative, as well as a positioning and messaging framework, that aligns your entire business around your customer. All so you can create a shared future together.

Content Marketing


The path to customer delight is filled with costly gaps between the brand and the customer. This messy middle of the journey frustrates your team, drives customers crazy, and chips away at your bottom line. We help you eliminate these gaps by building content marketing campaigns that unite your entire business around a shared mission: putting a smile on customers’ faces across every stage of the journey.

Human Story


Your customers don’t want more content, they want more connection—and the way you build that connection is through stories and content that tap into human emotion. That’s why we’re dedicated to the art of uncovering small but mighty moments of story that change everything for your audience. We use these moments to fuel the creation of stories and purpose-built content that ignite conversations, change minds, and influence behavior.

“The Storied Future stands out as one of my favorite agencies. With their creative insights and attention to authenticity, we developed two unique commercials highlighting not only the diversity in what we do, but the diversity of who we are. I could not have chosen a better partner to bring that vision to life.”

Tina Eskridge
Sr. Director, Cloud for Everyone, Microsoft


“Chris Hare is a rare find, a true business and marketing strategist with some of the most creative ideas I’ve encountered in my many years of business. Many people claim to be storytellers, but few truly are. Chris is a proven storyteller with the proper grasp of business insights that brings ‘back-of-napkin’ ideas to life.” 

Steve Kosted
Head of ABM & Customer Growth, F5

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