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Thanks for stopping by! If you want to transform your company or industry–and transform yourself in the process–I think you’ll find a lot of value here. I advise high-performing midmarket and enterprise CEOs, helping them create narratives that unlock a future where they can be celebrated–not just for what they build, but for how they build it and who they become in the process.

I started my career in the world of advertising and marketing, and subsequently completed tours of duty at Microsoft and Amazon before launching The Storied Future in 2016. My current and past clients include FTD, Amazon, Microsoft Worldwide Energy & Resources, Outreach, and TerraPraxis. I’m also the host of The Storied Future Podcast where I interview leaders who have put new narratives out into the world and then used those narratives to shift the future.

For the past five years, I’ve also led storytelling pro bono for The Bar X Project, a nonprofit serving combat-wounded Marines. I live with my wife, Michele, and our two teenagers outside of Seattle at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Chris Hare
Founder & Principal

What’s up with your logo?

The Hover Hare

When I was a kid, Little Bear was one of my favorite series of books. His dad never seemed to be around (climbing the corporate ladder?), and his mom would send him off into the backyard to play for hours on end. Little Bear had friends, but his best friend seemed to be his imagination. He would take a cardboard box, for example, put it on his head, and then all of a sudden find himself on the Moon. That really resonated with me as a kid as I spent probably way too much time in my imagination and countless happy hours running through fields, playing army in the woods, and transforming myself into characters.


Fast forward to the launch of The Storied Future, and my logo, dubbed the Hover Hare, brings together the whimsy and imagination of the wood-carved Little Bear-look from the 1950s, along with the idea that a narrative can create an irresistible center of gravity that has the power to propel a leader, a company, or an industry toward a better world. A world where a CEO is known and celebrated for what they’ve accomplished, who they took with them, and who they became in the process. In short, a world led by storied CEOs.


Building a Strategic Narrative, with insights from Jaime Cleghorn and Rishi Dave of Bain & Company
Building a Strategic Narrative, with insights from Jaime Cleghorn and Rishi Dave of Bain & Company