Win the future by unearthing your customer’s atomic stories, those transformative moments of struggle and delight, innovation and triumph that have the power to propel your company and your customers toward an irresistible vision of the future.


If you’re the leader of a company responding to or creating massive change, we can help you craft a strategic narrative that takes your buyers and your team on a journey from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow—a future that only your company can create.

Atomic Story Mining

We go to the source—your customers, employees, subject matter experts, and industry influencers—and we use a human-centered design approach to mine for those magic moments of discovery and insight, heartache and delight, curiosity and transformation that will fuel your journey to the future.

Narrative Pitch Deck

We unlock the power of your audience’s atomic stories and blend them with research and insights to craft a strategic narrative that will enable you to bend the future to your will. Then we collaborate with you to bring this high-stakes narrative to life through a pitch deck that will change minds, change behavior, and change what happens next.

Narrative Activation

This is where the future takes flight. We build on the promise of your narrative strategy and bring it to life through made-to-fit messaging, campaigns, storytelling, and content that meets your audiences where they’re at and takes them where they want to go.


If you’re an enterprise B2B brand or marketing leader, we can change minds, change behavior, and change the future through positioning and messaging crafted by veteran strategists who’ve worked with many of the largest brands on the planet.


Getting to great positioning for your own company can be crazy hard. As David C. Baker says, when you’re stuck inside a jar, it’s hard to read the label. If you want to own the future, we can take you ‘outside the jar’ and craft a positioning framework that brings together the hidden connections between customer, culture, category, and company that will set your business apart.

Messaging Frameworks

If you want far more than standard B2B messaging pillars like “efficiency, growth, visibility, and productivity,” we’re here for you. We know what gets buyers to act and we use the right blend of emotional and rational to create a highly-ownable messaging framework that captures hearts and minds and opens wallets.


If you’re tired of one-size-fits-no-one B2B campaigns, let’s talk. We can create made-to-fit creative and content that delight your audience because we build them with your audience and the people who influence them—a process we call atomic storytelling.

Content Marketing

Delight your audience and drive business growth with high-value content marketing campaigns that earn buyer trust across every stage of the journey.

  • Content strategy
  • Closed-loop campaigns
  • Research for public release
  • eBooks and whitepapers
  • Video
  • Thought leadership
  • SEO

Advertising Campaigns

B2B marketing doesn’t have to suck, but it usually does. Make your B2B brand legendary and unforgettable (for all the right reasons) with creative that taps into the power of human story.

  • Creative strategy
  • Creative development
  • Video advertising
  • Out of home
  • Guerilla marketing

Brand Stories

We can help your audience see and feel the future you’re creating through videos and immersive experiences that tap into the human story and push the limits of imagination.