JONATHAN ADLER, Professor of Psychology, Olin College of Engineering

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Today’s guest, Dr. Jonathan Adler, is an internationally recognized scholar in the study of personal narrative and its relationship with well-being. Jonathan is a professor of psychology at Olin College of Engineering, a senior lecturer at Harvard Medical School, and a theater director and playwright. His work brings together the rigor of science with the wonder and mystery of art, to show how writing a narrative and then living into that narrative can shift the future for the better.

Jonathan and Chris discuss:

  • What the science tells us about how storytelling and narratives work
  • Why humans tell stories, and the role storytelling can play in transforming leaders and organizations
  • Why redemptive narratives, such as the American narrative about beating cancer, can be transformative—but why these same narratives can also do harm
  • How leaders can use storytelling to navigate narrative conflicts and create alignment around a shared vision of the future

And much more!


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Jonathan Adler is a professor of psychology at Olin College of Engineering. He is also a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Medical School, where he teaches advanced medical students about attending to patients’ stories. He serves as chief academic officer of Health Story Collaborative, a nonprofit organization aimed at elevating the power of storytelling in the medical ecosystem, as well as the editor of Personality and Social Psychology Review.