Art DelaCruz, CEO & Former TOPGUN Instructor, Team Rubicon

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Art shares his incredible leadership journey from his career as a Naval Officer and Topgun instructor to his role as the Chief Operating Officer at Team Rubicon to his transition into the CEO seat, succeeding former CEO Jake Wood, who was a guest on Season 1 of our podcast.

Chris and Art explore how he’s navigated the turbulence of that transition, how making high-stakes decisions at high-velocity equipped him for sticking the landing as a new CEO in the middle of COVID, and how Art used the power of narrative to elevate his leadership in the wake of losing a $40 million plane at TOPGUN.

And much more!


Art’s LinkedIn

Art delaCruz is the CEO of Team Rubicon, the only non-profit disaster response organization that utilizes the skills of military veterans to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. In giving veterans an opportunity to continue their service, Team Rubicon provides them with a sense of purpose, community and identity.


A retired U.S. Naval Officer, Art served as Director of Strategic Planning at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems prior to Team Rubicon. Art served in the U.S. Navy for 22 years with notable tours including serving as an instructor at the Navy Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) and as the Commanding Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron TWO TWO (VFA-22). During his career, he made six deployments as an F-14 and F/A- 18 Naval Flight Officer.


Art earned his Bachelor’s degree in physics from the US Naval Academy and a Master’s degree in operations management from the University of Arkansas.