Episode 8


Kyle Arteaga

Cofounder and CEO The Bulleit Group, The Bulleit Group

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Today The Storied Future Podcast welcomes Kyle Arteaga, cofounder and CEO of The Bulleit Group, an award-winning high-tech PR agency.

From an early age, Kyle believed that the science fiction of movies and television could become reality—had to become reality.

At the core of Kyle and his team’s mission is a recognition of the ways technology has shaped the present, and a determination to tell the stories of the companies that will drive the future.

In this episode, Kyle and Chris discuss how companies that are inventing the future can thrive in the midst of uncertainty and use narrative to change what happens next. They cover:

  • The influence TV shows like The Jetsons and Knight Rider had on young Kyle’s vision of what was possible
  • How comms can evolve to address the acceleration of invention, the proliferation of communication channels, and the complex desires and demands of customers, employees, and policy makers
  • How startups and enterprise tech companies can effectively tell their stories in a way that brings their vision of the future to life
  • Why having a strong narrative in times of uncertainty is critical to the future of your company
  • How to build an authentic narrative, and the importance of bringing your audience along on the journey

And much more!


Kyle’s LinkedIn

Kyle is cofounder and CEO of The Bulleit Group, an award-winning high-tech PR firm that’s working to bring sci-fi to life. 

Their 50-person team in San Francisco, Nashville, Washington D.C., and New York consists of anthropologists, data scientists, physicists, politicos, and journalists all turned master storytellers. They get fired up when uncurbed experimentation leads to reinvention. 

Kyle was previously Vice President of Corporate Development and Communications at Siemens, VP of Corporate Communications at Serena Software, Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Reuters, and Public Relations Manager at Netscape Communications. He has a B.A. in cultural anthropology from the University of Arizona.