Episode 4



Executive Director of Business Transformation — Services, Johnson Controls

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In this episode, our guest is Julie Brown, the extraordinary leader architecting and executing on a massive transformation strategy for the nearly $7 Billion HVAC, Fire, and Security division of Johnson Controls.

Julie helps lead a team of folks who are keeping critical systems running smoothly at schools and hospitals around the world. Behind the scenes, though, they’re navigating the uncomfortable upheaval of a digital transformation journey, a journey Julie is uniquely equipped to lead.

Julie cares a lot about her work. But she cares even more about her customers and her team, and she is relentlessly committed to leading with empathy.

In this episode, Chris and Julie cover:

  • The joy Julie got from going on HVAC calls with her dad as a kid
  • The lessons she learned during her time at Alcoa in the midst of the sub-prime housing market crash, and how this helped her avoid the typical blind spots of planning for the future
  • The horrific loss that changed Julie forever and redefined her as a leader
  • Transforming care for patients and education for students
  • Why empathy is critical in helping employees create a better future

And much more!


Julie’s LinkedIn

As Executive Director of Business Transformation — Services, Julie is responsible for driving advantaged services for the Johnson Controls services businesses around the globe.  This includes designing and deploying best practices and solutions around truck-based service teams in HVAC, Fire, and Security.  Julie’s career with Johnson Controls started as an Institutional Market Leader where she was responsible for driving business results for key market and customer segments in order to build the Building Solutions Business within Johnson Controls North American Healthcare and Education verticals.  

Julie holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Business Administration from Ambassador University.