VP, Global Innovation Evangelist, Outreach

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Storied Future Podcast! We’re glad you’re here. 

In this show, host Chris Hare talks to C-Suite leaders, experts, and innovators who are transforming themselves and their companies through the power of strategic narratives.

Our very first guest is the incredible Mary Shea, currently VP, Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach and a former principal analyst at Forrester. Chris talks to Mary about her unlikely path to becoming a relentless visionary.

Along the way, they touch on:

  • Mary’s path from world-class oboist to car salesperson to researcher and futurist
  • Why data is crucial to the successful adoption of a narrative
  • Recent tectonic shifts in the sales dynamic, and how technology can help sellers navigate them
  • The spoken and unspoken narratives that create inequitable workplaces, and how the data points to a better way
  • RISE, Outreach’s pilot program for empowering women in sales and leadership
  • Why it hurts to be a futurist, and navigating the lag time between vision and execution

And much more!


Mary’s LinkedIn ~ Mary’s Twitter

As Outreach’s Global Innovation Evangelist, Mary is responsible for conducting thought-provoking research covering the sales technology landscape, the future of buying and selling, and the criticality of having diverse, equitable, and inclusive B2B sales organizations. 

Prior to joining Outreach, Mary was a principal analyst at Forrester, an adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, and a chief revenue officer at various global technology companies. Mary is a well-known industry thought leader, keynote speaker, podcast host, author, as well as an advisor to many of the world’s leading B2B brands. 

Mary’s work is regularly featured in various academic and commercial publications including, The Journal of Selling, Selling Power, Forbes, Business Insider, The Telegraph, and many more. 

Mary currently serves as the executive sponsor for Outreach’s Rainbow Employee Resource Group.