GoDaddy unlocked a dataset from 20 million entrepreneurs that turned traditional economic theory on its head. Our job? Transform the complexity of the insights from this data and connect it with the divergent perspectives of their stakeholders. Then we crafted a strategic narrative and a data storytelling site designed to shift the future for GoDaddy, for microentrepreneurs, and for communities across the United States.

Narrative Fuel

Mining Atomic Stories

We went to the source—GoDaddy’s leaders and customers—and we mined atomic stories, those transformative moments of struggle and joy, innovation and triumph that together can spark a movement. Then we smashed these atomic stories together with insights from their customer data. This became the fuel for a narrative strategy that had the power to shift the future.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 3
iPhone 13 Pro Max 3
Narrative strategy


We used the matter and energy of GoDaddy’s atomic stories to bring their strategic narrative to life, create their pitch deck, and build out their messaging framework. In our first client review, we presented this narrative along with a sizzle video cut together that morning. The video was out of scope, but we believed our clients needed to feel the story. At the end of the video, the VP looked at us and said, “This is our story!” And that narrative is the same narrative they launched with a year later.

The Digital Experience


To bring the narrative to life, The Storied Future worked with Schema Design to create an infinite-scroll data storytelling site with rich interactive visualizations and data exploration across 30K zip codes. In addition to the messaging framework, site strategy, copy, and hero video, we also built a content marketing strategy. This was all designed to help GoDaddy inspire economists, policymakers, and the general public to lead the way toward lasting change.