Uncovering the Hidden Impact of Everyday Entrepreneurs

GoDaddy discovered a previously hidden class of entrepreneurs and they wanted to tell their story to economists, politicians, and think tanks to shift the future for these businesses, their families, and their communities. It was an extraordinarily complex story and we needed to make it simple without losing the depth of insights, while also tapping into the power of the human spirit.

With that in mind, we captured the divergent perspectives of stakeholders from customers to employees on the frontlines, from the Chief Comms Officer to the Chief Marketing Officer, and from the Chief Brand Officer to the Chief Operating Officer. We dug deep into their insights, the data, and stories from across GoDaddy to create a powerful strategic narrative. On Round 1, we presented a 90-slide deck with this strategic narrative, messaging framework, content marketing strategy, and go-to-market recommendations. Our stakeholder’s response? “This is our story!” Fast forward over a year later and that strategic story still stands and is the backbone on which the entire project was built.

Watch the story of everyday entrepreneurs Jeb and Oliver at TogetherMade


  • Strategic story & insights
  • Messaging framework
  • Zone diagrams for website
  • Website strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Sizzle video

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