Changing the World One Story at a Time

The Growing Revolution

Our principal, Chris Hare, produced this piece years ago, to tell the story of biodynamic farmer Erick Haakenson. It’s still one of our favorites because of Erick’s presence on camera and his commitment to using the land he’s been entrusted with to bring joy to people’s lives, change the earth, and transform our community. This was a $0 budget piece where our only out-of-pocket costs were some gas money for the DP and a pot of chili for the crew meal.


This is the story of an elite group of Marine Special Operators who were falsely accused of killing dozens of Afghan women and children in 2007 in a Taliban-led PR-coup that led the U.S. government, U.S. military, and press to try these men in the court of public opinion and wreck their lives and livelihoods. They were exonerated in 2019, but not before the damage was done.

This video was created with a volunteer shooter and a $0 production budget with little opportunity for pre-production. This was their first reunion since their trial. Most of the men weren’t comfortable going on camera, but we tell their story from the perspective of their commanding officer and one of the jurors who believed they were guilty prior to the trial, and who later worked to prove their innocence. After producing this video, we were able to secure coverage through a special operations media outlet, and that story is now the number one Google search engine result for the MARSOC 7, effectively pushing the lies and false coverage farther down the page.

The Future of Small Business

After leading the creation of SAP Concur’s small and midsize business messaging, we built the content strategy for their small business community and then created dozens of articles and videos that enabled SAP Concur to elevate its approach to SMB marketing. To ensure authenticity, we partnered with SMEs, small businesses, and influencers—with insights covering everything from Women in Business to Empowering with Data, and from Purpose Beyond Profit to Finance and Risk Management. This video was created by the production partner we brought in, Vossler, and it reflects the messaging and strategy work that we helped SAP Concur’s leadership establish.

Essence Festival of Culture

Microsoft Cloud for Everyone asked us to create two spots for the 50th Anniversary of the Essence Festival of Culture in June 2020. We featured two extraordinary business and community leaders at Microsoft, Heather Dowdy and Shy Averett. TSF had two weeks to produce these spots and, because of COVID, we had to leverage existing footage and record their voiceovers with portable recorders dropped off at their homes. The resulting spots played during the festival to support Microsoft’s partnership with Essence.

Always Faithful, Brothers Forever

On July 22 of 2010, two Marines—best friends Rob Jones and Dan Jones—were both wounded in separate IED blasts in Sangin, Afghanistan during a push into Taliban territory. Watch their story, and the story of their brothers from the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion. And hear about their experience coming back together in Montana to fly fish with the Bar X Project.

Because we have such great clients, we’re able to give back by leading marketing pro bono for The Bar X Project. Each year we take reunite combat-wounded Marines with their combat buddies to promote healing through fly fishing.